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PHP File Downloads

PHP can be used to securely control access to file downloads. This tutorial will show how you can send file through a PHP script and limit the download rate. The function we will write accepts the path to the file to send and optionally a rate in kB/s to limit the transfer speed. The function should also be able to handle range headers from clients that allow stopping and resuming downloads.


Basic Overview of Loops in PHP

PHP comes with several control structures for creating loops. A loop is basically code that executes repeatedly for as long as it needs to. The control structures I'll discuss here are: while, do-while, for, foreach, break & continue. Each of these are similar, and some can pretty much be interchangeable, but some are better suited for certain tasks than others.


Degradable Tabs With jQuery UI

Creating tabbed content is easy with jQuery UI. Using a simple HTML layout and calling the tabs function is all it takes. Here, I'll show you how to make a degradable tabbed interface. That is, we'll make it so the page is still readable when JavaScript is disabled. This involves hiding and showing elements using JavaScript before enabling tabs.

See the live demo. Try turning off JavaScript to see how it degrades.