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Understanding and Applying Polymorphism in PHP

Understanding and Applying Polymorphism in PHP | Nettuts+

In object oriented programming, polymorphism is a powerful and fundamental tool. It can be used to create a more organic flow in your application. This tutorial will describe the general concept of polymorphism, and how it can easily be deployed in PHP.

Read full tutorial at Nettuts+


Noty Updated with WordPress Support

Noty has been updated to include a WordPress plugin for easy integration. Along with the original standalone version, you now have the option to install it as a standard WordPress plugin. This means that WordPress users never have to see code!

If you want it on your blog, consider checking it out at CodeCanyon.


Noty – HTML5 Notes Widget

Noty is the name of the HTML5 application I developed for the recent HTML5 competition hosted at Nettuts. Unfortunately I did not win, but I did learn a lot about HTML5 and related technologies.

It is available for purchase at CodeCanyon.

Noty is a simple widget for taking notes about the current page. A potential use is taking notes on a blog post for commenting later.

Noty uses several HTML5 and related technologies, using the browser’s native functionality wherever possible. It is designed to work in modern browsers.

  • Drag-and-Drop support via the browser’s native API . You can save excerpts from the page simply by highlighting text and dragging to the widget.
  • Persistent storage of notes for browsers that support it. Notes are saved in the user’s borwser for future visits.
  • Sharing of notes with link via Email or Twitter
  • Automatic URL shortening for sharing via bit.ly
  • Ability to scroll directly to the source of a note on the page (not available in Internet Explorer)
  • Fancy CSS3 effects (box-shadow, gradients and transitions)
  • Fully semantic HTML5 markup
  • Collapsable widget, remembering the state for the next page. This is useful in case the widget covers part of the page.
  • Tested to work in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
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Record HTML Canvas Animations to Video

Sometimes it might be useful to be able to record your canvas animation to a video format. Maybe you want to use your JavaScript skills to create fancy effects for a video. You could use some kind of screen capturing program and crop the video, but I'll show you how to do it with code!

Note: You'll need an HTTP server with PHP running on your local machine to do this. Don't try this with your website over the Internet, unless you don't mind waiting for tons of images to upload... Also, I recommend using Chrome for best results.

Let's start with our simple animation. You can see it in action here.