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Elementary For Windows Updated To v1.1.3.0

Elementary for Windows has been updated to version The update is finally available after a long delay due to an error in the Windows Dev Center.


  • Updated the application logo
  • Changed scrolling to accommodate small screens
  • Updated the video for Lithium
  • Now uses a redirect based on element number instead of a direct YouTube link
  • Removed the Internet client capability
  • Removed dependency on SQLite
  • Remove default selection behavior in the list view

Flavordex Updated To v2.1.9/2.0.4-lite

Flavordex has been updated to version 2.1.9 and 2.0.4-lite. This update addresses some stability issues.


  • Updated Google Play Services
  • Updated the Android Support Library

Elementary For Android Updated To v0.4.4

Elementary for Android has been updated to version 0.4.4. The main purpose of this update is to remove the need to update to get the latest Periodic Videos video for each element.


  • Use redirect based on element number instead of direct YouTube links
  • Updated Support Library

An update for the Windows version is on its way...