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Introducing Word64

Word64 is a simple word game for Android. It is now in open beta. To participate in the beta, follow the steps below:

  1. Join the Google+ Community
  2. Opt in to the beta
  3. Get the app from Google Play
  4. Try the app
  5. Complete a short survey
  6. Get a free promo code for Word64 Premium

The goal of the game is to spell words with the highest point values. The rules are simple:

  • Create words by selecting tiles on the 8x8 grid.
  • Each tile must be edge adjacent to the previous tile.
  • A word must be a dictionary word of at least two (2) letters.

The score of a word is the sum of the tile scores multiplied by the number of tiles.


Flavordex Tasting Journals for Android

Flavordex has been updated! See this post for details.

Flavordex is a series of tasting journal apps for Android. With Flavordex, you can keep track of each product you try with stats, photos, graphs, and personal tasting notes.

As of today, you can get Flavordex for beer, wine and coffee. More versions are planned for the future.


  • The Flavor Radar allows you to record and visualize a detailed spectrum of flavors
  • Keep tabs on all the stats and details of each product you try
  • Store up to 5 photos with each product from your camera or SD card
  • Rate each product and take tasting notes
  • Sort your journal entries by name, date, or rating


Official Website
Google Play
Amazon Appstore