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The ‘War’ on IE6

Recently I've been noticing a trend among Web developers to "take action" against MS Internet Explorer 6. From putting badges on their Twitter avatars to designing websites to detect and block IE6, many designers and developers are coming up with their own ideas to help end the browser's reign of terror. My question is, are some of these methods appropriate or even in their best interests?


FireFox 3.5 – What does it mean for Web developers?

FireFox 3.5 has been released! Along with a long list of new features and faster browsing, FireFox 3.5 also implements the latest Web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Here is an overview of some of the more interesting features...

New in FireFox 3.5

  • HTML 5 features:

    • audio and video - These elements provide native support for embedded audio and video, which means supporting browsers won't require any 3rd party plugins.
    • Drag and drop - API that allows dragging items within or even between websites.
  • CSS3 features:
    • @font-face - Allows you to use fonts without requiring the user to have them installed. Fonts are downloaded from the server as needed!
    • Media queries - Allow you to specify different CSS rules based on different media types, or even a wide range of specific features (such as screen size).
    • text-shadow - Applies shadow effects to text.
    • -moz-box-shadow - Applies shadow effects from almost any element!
      • -moz-border-image - Specifies an image to use for an element's border.
    • JavaScript features:

    See the full list of developer features available with FireFor 3.5.