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Creating a Calendar in PHP

This tutorial will explain how to create a dynamic calendar from scratch in PHP. There are two functions that will greatly simplify the process: mktime and getdate. The function mktime gets a Unix timestamp from the supplied arguments hour, minute, second, month, day, and year (each defaulting to the current). The function getdate is the opposite, turning a timestamp into an array of date information. See the manual pages (linked) for more information on these functions. Using these functions, it is fairly easy to gather all the information needed to create a dynamic calendar.


Toggle Display of Page Elements with JavaScript

This mini tutorial explains how to show/hide elements on a web page using JavaScript. There are many reasons why you would want to do this, and luckily it is very simple.

All it takes is changing the display CSS property. Setting display: block; (the default for div tags) makes it visible, and display: none; makes it hidden. The advantage to using display is that other items on the page will move to close the void left by the hidden object.