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Noty Updated with WordPress Support

Noty has been updated to include a WordPress plugin for easy integration. Along with the original standalone version, you now have the option to install it as a standard WordPress plugin. This means that WordPress users never have to see code!

If you want it on your blog, consider checking it out at CodeCanyon.


Noty – HTML5 Notes Widget

Noty is the name of the HTML5 application I developed for the recent HTML5 competition hosted at Nettuts. Unfortunately I did not win, but I did learn a lot about HTML5 and related technologies.

It is available for purchase at CodeCanyon.

Noty is a simple widget for taking notes about the current page. A potential use is taking notes on a blog post for commenting later.

Noty uses several HTML5 and related technologies, using the browser’s native functionality wherever possible. It is designed to work in modern browsers.

  • Drag-and-Drop support via the browser’s native API . You can save excerpts from the page simply by highlighting text and dragging to the widget.
  • Persistent storage of notes for browsers that support it. Notes are saved in the user’s borwser for future visits.
  • Sharing of notes with link via Email or Twitter
  • Automatic URL shortening for sharing via bit.ly
  • Ability to scroll directly to the source of a note on the page (not available in Internet Explorer)
  • Fancy CSS3 effects (box-shadow, gradients and transitions)
  • Fully semantic HTML5 markup
  • Collapsable widget, remembering the state for the next page. This is useful in case the widget covers part of the page.
  • Tested to work in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
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