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Noty Updated with WordPress Support

Noty has been updated to include a WordPress plugin for easy integration. Along with the original standalone version, you now have the option to install it as a standard WordPress plugin. This means that WordPress users never have to see code!

If you want it on your blog, consider checking it out at CodeCanyon.


About This Blog (WordPress)

Welcome to the UltraMega weblog, where various Web development related topics will be explored. This also includes insight to the various projects I work on. I hope to provide some useful information to the Internet community.

This blog is powered by WordPress, a very popular and powerful blogging platform. This is a fairly standard installation, with a modified template and some plugins for added functionality. One of the best thing about WP is its flexibility and strong plugin-writing community. There are virtually unlimited possibilities with what can be done with this free open source software! Everything is also so easy to install that anyone with an FTP client can do it.

If you are interested in having your own WordPress blog but have no Web hosting, check out WordPress.com, where you can get a free hosted blog.

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